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Ikazuchi Ball Tip Sword Cane

Ikazuchi Ball Tip Sword Cane


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Sword Canes Cannot Ship to Califorina or Wisconsin.

These gentleman’s sword canes are the first ever sword canes
to offer hand-forged Damascus steel blades. Each exquisite
sword cane is built to rigorous quality standards. The Rurousha
sword cane offers a hooked hardwood cane handle with a
leather-wrapped blade handle. The Ikazuchi sword cane offers a
hardwood ball-shaped cane handle with a leather and ray-skinwrapped
blade handle. Each sword cane offers a hidden blade
release mechanism so no one will ever know about the blade.

Ikazuchi Ball Tip Sword Cane
Overall Length: 36 3/4” • Blade Length: 14”
Item# UC2638 Damascus Blade

Weight4 lbs
Dimensions48 × 4 × 4 in



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