Maxpedition FR-1 Medical Pouch OD

MX226G Maxpedition FR-1 Medical Pouch


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Main: 7″ x 5″ x 3″ with full zipper opening. Carry handle: Yes. Modular webbing (front): 2 rows, 2 x 2.5″ wide channels. Modular webbing (sides): 2 rows, 1 channel. The FR-1 Pouch design evolved from a first aid kit bag with added versatility. It can be used as a general purpose organizational pouch or even a specialized medical pouch. Both front and back halves have layered pockets topped with a wide array of elastic loops, essential for keeping contents in place. The full zipper clamshell opening can be fine tuned to various angles using a paracord adjuster. Lastly, the FR-1 has a Torch-Lair in front with bungee cord compression. Color: OD green. All items shown with the Maxpedition products are for display purposes only. They are not included with the product.
  • Brand: Maxpedition
  • Made In: Vietnam