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Umarex Absolute Zero Easy Rifle Sight In Device – Dual Red Laser

Umarex Absolute Zero Easy Rifle Sight In Device – Dual Red Laser


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The Axeon® Optics Absolute Zero™ makes sighting in your rifle scope easy. Unlike a bore sight laser it uses two precision lasers giving you the ability to hold your rifle in the exact same place for each shot completely eliminating hold error. It’s the quickest, most efficient, most accurate way to find your zero at 25 yards giving you the ability to sight in your rifle at 100 yards in just one shot! The Absolute Zero™ saves you time, money, ammo and your shoulder! It works across multiple platforms and calibers. Place a target with the included laser grid adhered to it at 25 yards. Locate your lasers on the grid and make note of their location. Shoot. Put the lasers back on the grid where they were originally located when you took the shot. Move your reticle to the point of impact. You’re now sighted in at 25 yards. If you know your ballistic rise or drop at 100 yards, you can then calculate the adjustment for 100 yards and make the adjustment to your scope. You are now sighted in at 100 yards using a cold barrel, ideal for hunters!

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