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Smith Abrasives 50602 Mower Blade Sharpener

Smith Abrasives 50602 Mower Blade Sharpener


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Smith’s handheld Mower Blade Sharpener is the perfect tool to use for keeping your mower blades in prime condition. This simple and easy to use sharpener uses a preset carbide blade to quickly put a smooth, sharp edge on your mower blade in just minutes. It has a durable plastic head, oversized handle, and a large finger guard for safe and secure sharpening at all times. It also comes with a wire-bristled cleaning brush that stores conveniently in the product handle.

<>Quickly sharpens a dull mower blade with just a few easy pulls
<>Cleaning brush with wire bristles store in handle
<>The oversized handle allows for use with gloves
<>Large safety guard
<>Replaceable carbide blade

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 3 × 3 in

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