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Taka Hawk

Taka Hawk

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Craftsmanship/Design Grade: [Shihan/Collector Grade]
Sword Type: Battoh Shinken (Razor Sharp Katana)
Sword Weight: 1.1kilo / 2lbs4oz (Without Saya)
Overall: 104cm / 40inch with Saya (Scabbard)
Balde Shape: Unokubi Zukuri Style
Sori(Curvature): 2cm
Saki-Haba: 45mm
Moto-Kasane(at Habaki): 75mm
Hoto-Haba(at Habaki): 320mm
Nagasa(Blade length): 2.37 Shaku / 28.4 inch [also have (2.45 Shaku/29 inch) & (2.5 Shaku/30 inch) blades avaliable upon request]
Tsuka(Handle length): 8.75 Sun / 10.5 inch [also have (9.25 Sun/11 Inch), (9.7 Sun/11.5 Inch) & (10 Sun/12 inch) handles avaliable upon request)
Blade Made: SkyJiro Forge’s Tamahagane (Hand Forged & Folded from Pure Iron Carbonized Sand) (Kobuse Construction with Folded Iron Core & >10000 Layers)
Yaki(Hardness): SkyJiro Forge’s Superior Differential Clay Technique (Traditional Japanese Method )
Blade Polish: SkyJiro Forge’s Superior Hand-Mirror Polish, with Japanese Water Stone and Finger Stone Finish
Kanagu(Tsuba/Fuchi/Kashira/ Menuki): SkyJiro Forge’s Jewelry-Grade Yellow Bronze
Habaki/Seppas: Skyjiro Forge’s Jewelry-Grade Yellow Bronze
Tsuka: Samé (Stingray Skin) Cover Premium Hard Wood Handle
Tsuka Ito/Sageo: Japanese Silk
Mekugi: 2x Premium Aged Bamboo Pins
Saya(Scabbard): Premium Hard Wood and Stingray Skin with Full Set of Premium Water Buffalo-Horn Scabbard
Special Note: "Highest Quality ever produced" Fully Functional Hand-Made Pure Tamahagane Folded Steel Sword with Genuine Japanese Hamon, Traditional japanese technique Kobuse Construction & Razor Sharp Ha (Edge).” “These swords are guaranteed to cut Tatami! & Bamboo

Weight5 lbs
Dimensions48 × 6 × 6 in



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