Tighecoon Belt Buckle

Tighecoon Belt Buckle


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Because a stylish knife should always be accompanied with a stylish belt buckle. 

The Tighecoon™ Belt Buckle is a Brian Tighe design for guys with swag, style and an intense desire to match their man-cessories. The Tighecoon™ Belt Buckle is one accessory in a three part ensemble that also includes the Tighecoon™ folding knife , and the Tighecoon™ Money clip . 

The Tighecoon™ Belt Buckle is made from aircraft grade aluminum that is lightweight and durable. It has a milled pattern that is just subtle enough for the board room, but just bold enough to say, "I'm a Boss." It fits a standard belt with snaps or clasps for removable belt buckles. 

Wear the pants, then keep them secure with the Tighecoon™ Belt Buckle. 

Also available as a three piece boxed set with the Tighecoon™ knife and Money Clip. 

Open Overall Length 3.51 inches 
Weight 1.2 ounces 

Material 6061 T6 Aluminum 

Dimensions 12 × 4 × 4 in