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MAA Wing Spear

MAA Wing Spear


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The Winged Spear is a true product of the battlefield. Its blade is wide and sharp enough to almost double as a pole arm, while its pronounced wings can be used to trap and pin an opponent's limbs, snag his shield and parry and entangle his weapons. 

After countless hours of sparring and experimentation our company President Lynn Thompson and his training partners found many subtle nuances to this surprisingly versatile weapon. Lynn found that the more time you spend "making it your own" the more great opportunities present themselves when sparring and fighting. The head of the Winged Spear even made an effective parrying dagger and short sword on its own! 

If you train in Martial Arts, study battlefield arts or have a passion for historical re-enactment, we heartily recommend purchasing a Winged Spear by Cold Steel. 
Name:  MAA Wing Spear 
Weight:  82.1 oz (ALL), 34.1 oz (Head) 
Length:  24" (Head Height) 
Overall Length:  89" 
Handle:  65" Ash Wood 

Weight5 lbs
Dimensions74 × 4 × 4 in



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