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Boar Spear

Boar Spear


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For 200 years, the boar spear reigned supreme as the staff weapon of choice in the forests and often the battlefield as well. Only the invention of a reliable firearms in the 18th century could fade its renown. it would have disappeared altogether if not for the decadent tastes of the Northern European nobility. To them, hunting with a firearm was a pale substitute for the thrill of hand to hand combat in the forest with nothing but a spear.

You too can enjoy the same excitement with Cold Steel's® modern recreation of this classic spear. Cold forged out of medium carbon SK-5 steel and heat treated to a spring temper, the massive blade is designed to flex under stress instead of breaking.

It's sharpened with a good utility edge and features a sturdy reinforcing rib to make it as stiff as possible for maximum penetration. The Boar Spear comes complete with a stout premium ash shaft and a Secure-Ex® Sheath.
Name:  Boar Spear
Blade Length:  Head: 18 1/2"
Overall Length:  82 1/8"
Steel:  SK-5 Medium Carbon
Weight:  4 1/4 LBS.
Blade Thickness:  3/32"
Handle:  Premium American Ash Shaft
Sheath:  Secure-Ex®

Weight8 lbs
Dimensions74 × 4 × 4 in