Sting, Sword of Frodo Baggins

Sting, Sword of Frodo Baggins


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Sting™ was carried by Frodo Baggins™ on his quest through Middle-earth in the Lord of the Rings™ trilogy. Forged by elven smiths in the First Age, the blade glows blue when orcs or Saruman’s fearsome Uruk-hai are near. This proved invaluable countless times throughout Baggins’ epic quest into the heart of Mordor to cast the one Ring into the fires of Mt. Doom. This replica mirrors the prop used in the Lord of the Rings™ trilogy down to the last detail, including the flowing Sindarin inscription on the blade and guard. The ancient text translates to “Sting™ is my name; I am the spider’s bane,” referring to the spider Shelob – slain by Frodo™ in the dark pass of Cirith Ungol.

  • Matching wooden plaque mount display included
  • Includes certificate of authenticity
  • 15″ stainless steel blade

With more than 100 million copies sold in 40 languages worldwide, millions have grown up with the classic epic “The Lord of the Rings™,” long considered to be one of the greatest fantasy stories ever shared. Produced by New Line Cinema, this film trilogy chronicles the struggles between good and evil for possession of the magical Ring, making it one of the most popular and beloved film trilogies of the 20th century. The legendary weapons from this epic story are instantly recognizable to millions of collectors and fans around the world. United® Cutlery, industry leader in fine movie reproductions, has meticulously recreated each of these breathtaking props using only the finest grade materials and craftsmanship.

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