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Mini-King SB – Red Shad Head Red Shad Skirt

Mini-King SB – Red Shad Head Red Shad Skirt


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Brands: Strike King

For decades, the MINI-KING® Spinnerbait has been the most popular small spinnerbait for lighter rods, smaller fish, pressured waters and newcomers to fishing because it works so well and gets lots of bites. It has a “safety pin” wire so your knot or line clip won’t slip out of position, a Colorado Diamond blade for flash and added pull (versus a willow blade) which helps your line lay better on the typical reels used with these lures, a Diamond Dust® Silicone Skirt and Paint job, and a good hook. All this makes the Strike King® MINI-KING® the King of mini spinnerbaits!

Color: Red Shad Head Red Shad Skirt

  • 1/8 oz Mini-King Spinner Bait
  • Strike King wire baits are made from the very best components available

Manufacturer: Strike King
UPC: 051034133455

Weight.25 lbs





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