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Highlander Katana

Highlander Katana


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The dragon-head katana is the iconic weapon of Highlander: The Series, and is the preferred weapon of Duncan MacLeod. This priceless Japanese sword was given to him by his mentor, the samurai, Hideo Koto, in 1778.

According to Hideo Koto, the dragon-head katana was forged in 1592 (the year of Duncan’s birth) by the great sword smith Masahiro, whom he called “the finest swordmaker in Japan.” It was already nearly 200 years old when MacLeod first met Hideo in 1778.

This replica dragon-head katana features a stainless steel blade. The cast metal tsuba features a dragon design with a gold finish. The composite grip is made to replicate carved ivory. Includes a black lacquered scabbard with metal accents.

  • 43″ Overall
  • 30″ Blade, Stainless Steel
  • Handle With Dragon Design
  • Includes Black Lacquer Scabbard
Weight4 lbs
Dimensions48 × 4 × 4 in



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Customer Reviews

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Highlander Sword

Decent for the price. My mom and I loved watching this show in the 90's, so I hope she enjoys getting a sword!

Great look but seems a little too satin finished.

I understand this is a display sword but after receiving the sword, I cleaned and polished is and there was still a stainless finish. Very satin and not polished. Also the blade was "visibly" not sharp. The blade had very little taper at the edge.
Over all....I was extremely pleased with my purchase for the price I paid. The cost made the product absolutely amazing. It is hanging on my wall already. Only thing would be to try and polish a little more.