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Demigod Katana

Demigod Katana


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The Ten Ryu Demigod Katana | MC-3031 includes a free maintenance kit and Sword Bag!  The Bushido Demigod Katana features a hand forged, carbon steel, differentially tempered blade. This katana blade is full tang with blood groove (bo-hi)for light weight and good balance.  Detailed traditional iron tsuba shows Japanese Demigod and is of good materials quality.  Wood saya has deep piano black lacquer finish and Japanese cotton sageo.  Authentic Same (rayskin) and Japanese cotton wrapped tsuka.  This katana can be disassembled for maintenance & makes a great practice sword.  Hand forged, Iron wrapped 1060 carbon steel differentially hardened blade (Extremely Sharp).


  • Detailed Iron tsuba shows Japanese Demigod
  • Wood saya with deep black lacquer and Japanese cotton sageo
  • Authentic Same (rayskin) and Japanese cotton wrapped tsuka
  • Fully functional – Great balance for cutting
  • Can be disassembled for care and maintenance
  • Comes with Cleaning kit and cotton sword bag

Blade Length: 28″
Handle Length: 10 3/4″
Overall Length: 42″
Weight: 2 lb 3 oz This is a fully sharpened battle ready katana.

Weight7 lbs
Dimensions12 × 12 × 12 in